Alp Ege Yangın – About Us

With 10 years experience in the industry, we launched in 2018 with a commitment to product quality, proper certified technicians teams and use of the latest technology.With our endless effort to be “the best” and “the most reliable”.We have met the manufacturing requirements and earned the “TSE-HYB” Qualification Certificate issued by the Turkish Standards Institution. The International “CE” Systems Certificate of Conformity.Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport and Maritime / Certificate of Qualification for Authorization at Sea and as having set the example of the trades newly founded companies in the Aegean region.

In order to systematically better serve our clients we have earned the “İSO 9000 – 2015” by seting up our machinery and working conditions arrangements at a global standard.

With our commitment to a Turkish proverb, “Preventing is cheaper than paying” we are dedicated  to offering our clients safer working and living spaces with systems using the latest technology